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       Calendar of Events


JULY 8, MONDAY. Crochet group, 6 pm.

JULY 9, TUESDAY. Board of Deacons, 6 pm.

JULY 10, WEDNESDAY. Veterans Coffee Hour, 9 am.

JULY 10, WEDNESDAY. VBS meeting and set-up, 1 pm.

JULY 11, THURSDAY. Youth Group, 6 pm.

JULY 11, THURSDAY. 7:30 pm. Summer Dog Walks. NO DOG REQUIRED! We will meet in church parking lot for a short 30-45 minute walk around the village.

JULY 15-19, MONDAY-FRIDAY, 6 - 8:15 pm. VBS - It is time to enter another dimension with STELLAR Vacation Bible School this summer! Students who are at least 4 years old through the completion of 6th grade are invited to register and join us for an out of this world experience while we learn to shine Jesus' light to all those we meet!  Registrations are available on our Facebook page. 



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