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       Calendar of Events


APRIL 15, MONDAY. Crochet group, 6 pm

APRIL 15, MONDAY. Vacation Bible School Volunteer Meeting. If you plan on

helping with our VBS program this year, please join us for this important


APRIL 16, TUESDAY. Board of Missions, 6 pm.

APRIL 17, WEDNESDAY. Veterans Coffee Hour, 9 am.

APRIL 17, WEDNESDAY. Bible Study, 6 pm. We'll continue our intro from

          Acts 16 and head into Philippians 1.

APRIL 19, FRIDAY. Nominating Committee Meeting, 6 pm.

APRIL 26, FRIDAY. Ladies Night Out, 7 pm. If you plan to attend, please

sign up in the hall. If you can donate some food, please sign up.


Alpha Pregnancy is the Mission Focus for April. If you would like to give
you may either give a monetary gift in the container on the table down
front or you may take a baby bottle and fill it with coins. Please sign out
on the clipboard with your bottle number. The bottles are to be returned
on April 28th.



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